Rhineck to Sankt Goer

Lots more river riding today. I think it was about 70km, but something went wrong with the trip recording.

The first major stop was Koblenz, where the Mosel joins the Rhein, at Deutsches Eck.

Rhein (possibly the other way round)

There was also a Berlin Wall memorial
And an impressive cable car and castle
Koblentz also had a weird fountain/statue where the boy periodically spat water out of his mouth. I suppose it’s slightly classier than Brussels’ equivalent..

After an indifferent Currywurst and Frites (insert joke about it being the worst), I headed out south along the river.

There were a few more industrial parts this time. Where the valley narrows, the bike path runs parallel to the road, which itself runs parallel to the railway. I think there’s the same arrangement on the other side.

Lots of castles on hills

It was very hot again today. Stopped in Boppard, which was very pretty.

There’s noticeably less river traffic now, compared to in Cologne. Still some very big ships though – this one looked like it was three unpowered ships attached to one powered one. The cabin at the back had about the floor area of a good sized terrace, and had a couple of cars on top. It’s very noticeable how hard they’re working against the current as they head upstream
Mile marker post. There are also much more modern ones every kilometer, counting down the distance to the Bridge at Lake Constance. I started at 672 (I think), and am down to five hundred and something

Mainz tomorrow (possibly a little beyond). This will be my last day following the Rhein, before I head eastwards to pick up the Danube.