Back in the UK

I headed back to the UK on Tuesday. I’d set Monday aside to get a box to pack my bike in, and to actually get the bike in the box. It was too hot to do much else. From reading online and asking friends who’d done similar, it’s supposed to be quite easy to get READ MORE


The second of my day trips from Ljubliana was to Lake Bled. The hostel owner had also recommended Vintgar Gorge, which is nearby. I got the bus to Bled, which took me through some lovely scenery: Bled is at the eastern end of the lake, and was the tourist honeypot I expected it to be. READ MORE

Postojna caves

As the forecast was for rain, I went to Postojna caves. This was about an hour away on the bus. I’d paid for the combined vivarium and caves ticket, as I was curious to see the Olm, which is a weird cave dwelling amphibian. I did manage to spot a couple in their aquarium, but READ MORE

Ljubljana to Budapest

Still in progress… Caves and Bled posts to follow. The final train of the day, which picked us up just before the Hungarian border has no air conditioning and is running late. Too hot to write blog posts. At least the windows open


I had 4 nights planned for Slovenia, arriving Wednesday afternoon. I decided to spend all of them in Ljubljna and take a couple of day trips to Postojna caves and to Lake Bled. It was significantly cheaper and quicker to get to Ljubljana from Graz by Flixbus. This was actually OK, but I don’t think READ MORE


I’ve got a bit behind on the blogging, but am currently travelling Back to Budapest from Ljubljana, which is a 7.5 hour journey, so plenty of time to catch up.   I’m on what looks like a small suburban train, but have been assured it’s the right one.  No announcement, nothing on the display in the READ MORE

Budapest to Graz

After a lovely few days in Budapest with friends I’ve decided to take a break from the bike for a bit. It’s been very hot the last few days, and this is forecast to continue. I’ve also been getting pain in my wrist from holding the handlebars all day, so a change will hopefully do READ MORE

Szentendre to Budapest

A short 30km today (which felt surprisingly tiring) to take me to my friends in Budapest. I headed into Szentendre before taking down the tent to check out a couple of museums. First up was the Retro Design Museum. This was full of artefacts from the 70s and early 80s There was also a good READ MORE

Komarom to Szentendre

105km today. From the campsite I crossed back over the river into Slovakia. The path was excellent to begin with. Passed some ruins from the 1500s Unfortunately, after a while, the path turned from smooth tarmac into this: And got somewhat worse. There must have been about 10km like it – was hard work, and READ MORE

Bratislava to Komárom

Just over 100km today. Not the most exciting day today. Most of the riding was very dull. A long stretch of the river is essentially canalised, and rather samey. The landscape gradually became more interesting. These water towers(?) were everywhere and looked kinda futuristic Spotted a swallowtail butterfly on the path too Eventually I reached READ MORE