Budapest to Graz

After a lovely few days in Budapest with friends I’ve decided to take a break from the bike for a bit.

It’s been very hot the last few days, and this is forecast to continue. I’ve also been getting pain in my wrist from holding the handlebars all day, so a change will hopefully do me good.

So, donning my finest luridly coloured linen jacket, and grabbing my trusty copy of Bradshaw’s, I’ve decided to do a bit of travel by train. Currently heading to Graz for the day, via Vienna, to cross the (UNESCO listed) Semmering mountain pass. After that I’m heading to Ljubljana for a couple of days, which was highly recommended by my friends.

Budapest has been lovely. Several trips to lakes and spas, including one spring fed lake where you could actually see the water bubbling up though the sand on the bottom.