Szentendre to Budapest

A short 30km today (which felt surprisingly tiring) to take me to my friends in Budapest. I headed into Szentendre before taking down the tent to check out a couple of museums.

First up was the Retro Design Museum. This was full of artefacts from the 70s and early 80s

Communist Monopoly?
Build your own towerblock
Living the 70s dream; don’t forget your electric typewriter
Adding machine and typewriter. Watched over by Lenin

There was also a good selection of Eastern European cars and vans. Didn’t manage to get many good pictures as they were half in sun half in shade

Pink cadillac
1986 electric car

After the Retro Design Museum it was time for the Marzipan Museum, which I’d spotted on Atlas Obscura. Essentially a museum of tableaus and statues made of marzipan.

The highlights were the life size statues of Michael Jackson and Princess Diana. Both were a little disturbing.

After getting the tent down it was back on the road to Budapest. After yesterday’s horrible ride on the road, the first 10km or so of today’s ride were excellent. Off road, good signposts, a DIY repair station… On reaching the outskirts of Budapest the navigation got more difficult, and I switched to OSMand to navigate me to my friends’ place. The route it took me wasn’t particularly scenic, but it got me there OK.

We headed off to a thermal bath for the afternoon, which was lovely.

I’ve got a couple of days in Budapest, which I probably won’t blog. I’m not sure where’s next on the travels, so will be thinking about that too.

Feeling quite pleased I’ve made it this far, though a bit tired.

The route