Rheinkastle to Bad Bresig

72km today. Headed south through the rather industrial north of Cologne (past a huge Ford plant), then along the riverfront through the centre.

After the centre there was a more recently (re?)developed waterfront. All very nice, but somewhat soulless.

Strange waterfront flats (and a bonus thumb).

Then it was on to Bonn. This was further than I was expecting.

I was there on school exchange in the mid 90s. It was strange seeing all again

Old town hall

Although I’ve long lost touch with my exchange partner, I could remember the address (this was pre email..), so I decided to cycle past. I happened to go past the exchange school too. Both were as I remembered.

After a quick lunch stop at the local Lidl, it was time to head further south. Things became more rural and scenic, with the path following the river closely. There were several attractive spa towns, and the valley became more pronounced.

Decided to camp just outside Bad Breisig. Lots of rain and thunder was forecast for 1900, but it turned out to be just a few distant rumbles and a couple of drops of rain.