Kaiserhof to Willersbach

Another ~100km today (though the track stopped recording at one point, so I’m not quite sure how far). There was a little bit more of yesterday’s gorge before the landscape opened out again

Went past a hydro power station shortly after setting off, and then reached another about 20km further on. There was a drop of 10-15m on each, according to the signs. I missed my turning and ended up cycling over the second.

Boat entering the locks on the hydro power station

I then took a ferry back to the other side a few km downstream. This was another cable ferry, but much larger than the one I took a few days ago. This one took cars. (It also had a small engine to help with docking)

It was a brisk but rather featureless ride to Linz. I decided not to go right into the town, as that was on the other side of the bridge, and would’ve been a rather horrid looking exit via a large chemical and industrial area after.

New bridge under construction just before Linz

I got chatting to another cyclist, en route to Vienna shortly after Linz, and spent the rest of the day cycling along together. Made good progress through more open landscape, before entering another gorge.

We got to a campsite just before it started raining, had dinner, and then put the tents up in a gap in the rain. Tomorrow is forecast to be rather showery unfortunately.