Regensburg to near Winzer

105km today. This was a little more than I was planning, owing to some diversions on the Danube trail.

Firstly, a nice view of Regensburg as I left this morning:

It was a little fiddly leaving the city, but once I was out of it the river widened quite quickly

To be blunt, a lot of today’s riding was rather dull . A lot of the time you’re riding behind the flood wall, so can’t actually see the river

Lots of this today

It’s interesting that a lot of the churches I’ve been past over the last few days have an onion shaped dome on top

There was lots of work going on. At one point the river was being dredged

There was also what I think (if I’ve translated it correctly) a big scheme to make the flood walls higher. This meant that quite big chunks of the path were closed, necessitating diversions. The signage for these was pretty good, but it was frustrating. One of the official diversions was very long, but I took a short cut along a not-very-busy road, which saved quite a lot of distance. I assume this wasn’t the official diversion because there wasn’t a separate bike path.

There was a preserved railway loco at Bogan, where I stopped for lunch.

I’m staying at a small campsite near Winzer. There are a few other cyclists here, on various routes. There’s also very little internet access, so this probably won’t get posted until tomorrow.

Update.. It posted..a hot air balloon just flew very low over the campsite and landed in the next field