To Germany..

Just a short post today… cycled from Venlo to north of Cologne. Was about 85km in total. I encountered my first hill just outside Venlo, before the German border. For Bristol readers it was about 1/3 of a Park Street.

There was some Sunday morning Greyhound racing in the park after the hill. Then it was on into Germany. I only realised I’d crossed when then the street signs changed. Bike paths (and signage) noticeably less good. They still use the same node-based system as in the Neterlands, but it seems a lot patchier.

A lot of today’s cycling in Germany was quite dull – following main roads, but on separate bike paths. Kind of like riding round the Bristol ring-road path, but the roads were much straighter. Some nice bits through parks and smaller towns.

I’m planning on spending 2 nights here, and heading into Cologne tomorrow to have a look around (and possibly Bonn too). Annoyingly I’ve since realised that most of the museums are shut on Monday. Haven’t decided yet whether to cycle in or take public transport. I’ll be retracing my steps but it’ll be nice to have a look around the place as a regular tourist.