I’d (optimistically) planned to cycle to Baarle-Nassau today.  I did about 55 miles, but the heat was getting too much.  I saw a sign to camping at Liesbos, a couple of miles away, and decided to call it a day.

There were a lot of cyclists on the ferry, and I’d got talking to another solo one; a trainee doctor from Glasgow. Our paths crossed a couple of times on the way south – he was following one of the Eurovelo routes, so we went our separate ways outside Rotterdam (I think). 

I was using OSMand for the routing, which was very useful.  The USB charger on the bike was very welcome, as it really hammers the battery in the sun (and the screen is still hard to read even at full brightness).  This does mean that I wasn’t paying that much attention to where I went!   As you’d expect, the cycling infrastructure is excellent. Went through a long tunnel under a river (canal?) at one point.  Despite all this I got briefly lost a couple of times.

Had a nice lunch of a kebab and chips in Dordrecht. One of the owners has a brother in Bristol. He commented I ate it very quickly.. All I can say is that I was very hungry by that point!

The campsite is nice – mostly chalets and static caravans. There’s a pool, which was very welcome. Very little around it though, and I didn’t fancy cycling out for dinner, so had one of the boil in the bag currys and microwave rice for dinner.

Planning a more gentle ride tomorrow – partly on account of the heat, but also on fitness.

The beach at Hook of Holland